About the Author

Pat Troy is an entrepreneur who thrives on challenge and variety. In her 43 year professional career, she has served as as a college librarian, been an school media specialist, collaborated with other educators to found an independent elementary school, taught at the graduate level, written for a local weekly newsletter, founded and manages a small publishing company, created an organization that produces events for women, and owns an association management company. Her firm, Next Wave Group, LLC, manages a dozen organizations in diverse industries. She has a passion for her local community, and has served on a range of community boards in business, cultural arts, health care, and community planning. She is known as a strong advocate for positive change through collaboration. Over the years she has been widely recognized at the local and national levels. Troy, born in Birmingham, Alabama, now resides in Arnold, Maryland. She holds a Masters degree in Education, as well as a post-graduate (CASE) degree in private school management. She is a Certified Association Executive.

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